Myrian® AI Apps


Myrian® AI Apps

A portfolio of computer aided diagnosis products based on Artificial Intelligence

Highly innovative solutions trained on a database of hundreds of thousands of exams

Bring deep learning into intelligent medicine

Health professionals

• AI improves patient's experience optimizing clinicians' workflow, productivity, diagnosis accuracy and quality of care

• Deep learning inspired products helping doctors screen, assess and diagnose diseases faster with higher precision

Industrial players

• Our clinical applications available in a single solution

• Easy integrability within your system (PACS, RIS, VNA…)

• Accessible solution in thin client mode, from your system



In partnership with 12 Sigma Technologies


Bring deep learning into intelligent medicine

Founded in 2015, 12 Sigma Technologies is a pioneer in introducing artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies to modern medicine.


The σ-DiscoverTM series, a portfolio of computer aided diagnosis (CAD) products based on AI, have been clinically proven to reduce radiologists’ reading time while improving reading accuracy.

12 Sigma Technologies has developed CAD products in lung cancer, lung diseases, liver cancer, breast cancer, brain tumors, stroke, bone fracture and more.

The σ-DiscoverTM series has been deployed in 200+ healthcare institutions world-wide.


Winner of “The 10 Most Innovative AI companies” award by X-techer, 12 Sigma Technologies has more than 80 employees in Research and Development, who are located in San Diego, Beijing, Suzhou and Shanghai.

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AI analysis tools integrated in the Myrian® platform workspace

The ultimate
AI pulmonary nodule screening


> Advanced pulmonary nodule detection and analysis
> Malignancy risk score predicted by AI
> Lung-RADS integrated in the structured report

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AI detection
of multiple lung diseases


> Simultaneous detection of 15 diseases
> High sensitivity and low false positive rate
> Automated data processing by integration with PACS systems

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Comprehensive AI mammogram
diagnosis tool


> Automatic detection of masses, calcifications, lymph nodes, asymmetries and architectural distortions
> Automatic BI-RADS scoring mechanism
> Automatic generation of customized and structured report

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These applications are not CE marked and FDA cleared (in progress)

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