Industrial partnerships

Helping our partners make the difference

Myrian® adapts to your technology, your business, your customers' needs.

Expand your footprint. Add value to your offer. Stand out from the crowd.

Solutions for modality vendors

Your top challenges

  • Bring advanced processing and clinical applications to technologists and radiologists

  • Enhance customer loyalty by drawing appeal and competitiveness beyond your modality lifecycle

  • Extend your footprint outside of radiology

Why Myrian®?

  • Advanced clinical workflow and user experience

  • Rapid reading and reporting, anywhere and anytime

  • Cost-effective solution featuring best-in-class clinical modules

  • Multimodality-ready suite for enhanced diagnostic

Solutions for healthcare informatics vendors

Your top challenges

  • Manage enterprise-wide data and workflows

  • Bring efficient and cost-saving patient management

  • Enable image sharing across multiple specialties

  • Unify user experience

Why Myrian®?

  • Vendor-neutral multimodal advanced visualization

  • Personalized workflows

  • Time-efficient reading

  • Quantified diagnosis & reporting

Solutions for imaging CROs

Your top challenges

  • Match your sponsor's expectations

  • Save on investigation costs and time

  • Generate tailored and reliable evidence

Why Myrian®?

  • Standardized and accurate imaging endpoints in a wide range of therapeutic areas

  • Tailor-made, robust and reproducible measurements

  • Cost effectiveness and projected cost analysis-enabler

  • Data safety and reliability

Unequalled integration capabilities

Flexibility. Interoperability. Anywhere. 

Web-based access, in-context integration, scalability, analytics and data mining capabilities, customizable workflows & user experience. All in Myrian® is made to simplify the life of our partners as well as their clients. In a couple of clicks. 

Partner program

At Intrasense, we want to empower our partners to meet their customers’ and market’s expectations.
That’s what real partners do. 
Intrasense is at your side from product creation to after-sales support. 

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