Myrian 2.8 new version

Myrian® 2.8 Taking medical imaging to the next level

Discover a new unique clinical experience

  • Myrian Core

    A new platform which fits all your needs

  • Enhanced user experience

    Make your clinical practice easier with a whole new user experience

  • Efficiency of our clinical workflow

    Working on your exams becomes faster, easier and smarter

Myrian Core

The new Myrian platform meets all your needs, it is now possible to integrate clinical applications certified as medical devices and research protocols (non medical device) on a single platform. Your research work is simplified, easier and faster.

Smart workflow

Myrian provides you a wide range of performing clinical tools. To make your work day easier we have developed exam-specific workflows that give you the tools you need, when you need them.

Protocols that perfectly match your clinical workflow

It is essential for clinicians and radiologists to be as fast as possible in carrying out their examinations. Our protocols are perfectly integrated into the clinical workflow of each exam. Complete your exams in just a few steps.

Brand new Clinical Applications


> One click layouts change
> Optimized visualization
> Diagnosis support
> Comparative & analysis
> Fully optimized layouts
> Multimodality viewing


> Task based workflow to report
> Automatic coronary segmentation
> Stenosis quantification and stent planification
> CPR visualization of coronaries
> Agatston score calculation
> Automatic heart extraction
> Progressive vessel segmentation tool


> Stroke analysis and mismatch calculation
> Parametric maps: CBF/CBV/MTT/TTP/Tmax
> Visualization and placement AIF/VOF with curves
> Visualization & analyze Perf CT

COVID-19 Protocol

> Automatic lung segmentation
> Automatic calculation of global lung volume
> Visualization of healthy lung areas
> Visualization of pathological lung areas (ground glass opacities, crazy paving, consolidations, Emphysematous areas)
> Automatic calculation of lung reserve ratio
> Full lung volume density histogram

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