Myrian 2.9 new version

Myrian® 2.9 Stay focus on your patients

More precise and faster interpretation

Medical imaging to serve patient health

The new Myrian platform allows you to focus on the essentials and helps you to achieve faster interpretation, more precise diagnosis and more efficient follow-up.

Cutting-edge clinical functions

Benefit from a wide range of advanced clinical applications that cover a large number of specialties, anatomical areas or pathologies. All of these cutting-edge clinical functions are accessible on the Myrian multimodality platform with a unified interface and workflows adapted to each examination, you can follow your patients in an efficient and consistent manner.

Discover the new features of Myrian® 2.9

Myrian XP-Cardiac

Designed to allow an easy and quick perform of a large number of cardiovascular CT examinations.

Our solution can be used for 2D or 3D analysis of cardiac examinations images by CT for a qualitative and quantitative evaluation of cardiac anatomy, vessels and coronary arteries in single or multi-phase.

Myrian XP-Cardiac allows you to use many advanced clinical tools dedicated to your cardiac clinical workflow.


Myrian XP-Brain Perfusion CT*

Make rapid treatment decisions following a neurological CT scan as part of an assessment or stroke suspicion. Speed up your decision-making and improve patient care time.

Simplify your tumor analysis examinations with dedicated tools. Optimize your diagnostic performance.

*[Certification in progress]



Myrian XP-Mammo

Whatever your clinical habits, standard or mirror visualization, 2D imaging with or without tomosynthesis, Myrian XP-Mammo provides all the needed tools in a mammographic exams analysis dedicated workflow. With this unique workflow you also have the possibility to view breast MRI and / or ultrasound exams.

Combined with Myrian XP-Breast, for the analysis of breast MRI examinations, you position your care offer over the entire patient journey with the most complete breast imaging solution on the market on a single platform.

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