Myrian® Clinical Apps

Myrian® Clinical Apps

A wide range of advanced
clinical applications.

The clinical expertise
at your fingertips.

Health professionals

• Large portfolio of clinical applications
for advanced post-processing

• Readily available exams without loading time

• Intuitive and dedicated solution for each pathology or organ

• All the tools for the analysis of MRI, CT, Conventional Radiology, Nuclear Imaging exams in a single place

Industrial players

• Our clinical applications available in a single solution

• Easy integrability within your system (PACS, RIS, VNA…)

• Accessible solution in thin client mode, from your system


So much more than 3D exam visualization

Optimized workflow,
time- saving solution

> Specific workflow per pathology and specialty

> All dedicated tools fitting each usage

Seamless integration &
remote access

> Seamless integration in your PACS viewer

> Accessible from inside or outside hospital

> Thin client access capability

> Flexible and effective no matter the number of users

Smooth communication with
patient and medical teams

> Structured reports including key images and data

> Dedicated indicators for each target organ and pathology follow-up

All Myrian® analysis tools combined in a structured workflow


> Structured reading
> Advanced parametric map
> Customized hanging protocol
> Dedicated reports
> Integrated scoring & Lesions scoring report
> Built in calculation of ADC and perfusion


> Structured report including lesions scoring
> Multiphase and multivolume tools
> Multiparametric maps
> Standard localization diagram
> Display of multiple sequences rearrangeable in a single click
> Time and intensity curve visualization


> Powerful and fast automated segmentation
> Advanced 3D visualization
> Unequaled surgery planning tools
> 3D PDF reports
> Automated volumetry and surgery planing tools
> One click generation of multi-scenario report


> One click layouts change
> Optimized visualization
> Diagnosis support
> Comparative & analysis
> Fully optimized layouts
> Multimodality viewing


> Segmentation and quantification of low attenuation tissues
> Airways segmentation and virtual bronchoscopy
> Surgery planification
> Airways stent planning
> CPR visualization of the airways
> Sharp visualization tools


> Smart virtual colonography
> Automatic calculation of the lesion distance to rectum
> Synchronization of MPR, endoscopy and filet view
> 3D polyps localization in DCBE view
> Bowel cleansing
> Synchronized prone and supine


> Lesion tracking solution
> Clear definition of lesions
> Automatic selection of relevant prior patient exam from PACS
> Standard lesion scoring
> Accurate secure follow-up
> Automated structured reports


> One click vessel segmentation
> Automatic bone removal
> Vessel center line automatic calculation
> CPR visualization of the vessel
> Automatic cross section navigation viewport
> Stenosis quantification and stent planning layouts
> Dedicated 3D volume rendering mode


> Task based workflow to report
> Automatic coronary segmentation
> Stenosis quantification and stent planification
> CPR visualization of coronaries
> Agatston score calculation
> Automatic heart extraction
> Progressive vessel segmentation tool

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Regulatory & DICOM conformance

Myrian® Clinical Apps are developed in compliance with regulatory requirements
relating to medical device based on DICOM standards.

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