Myrian® COVID-19 Protocol


Myrian® COVID-19 Protocol 2.0 (new version)

Myrian COVID-19 is a new Protocol based on our XP-Lung, a lung range automatic segmentation tool. This new protocol allow to provide an objective measure of the impairment and lung reserve available in patients, automatically and intuitively.

Features :

  • Automatic lung segmentation.
  • Automatic calcuation of global lung volume.
  • Visualization of healthy lung areas.
  • Visualization of pathological lung areas (ground glass opacities, crazy paving, consolidations, Emphysematous areas).
  • Automatic calculation of lung reserve ratio.
  • Full lung volume density histogram.


New features in 2.0 version

Separate volume for right lung and left lung

Volume of lesions by type (ground glass, consolidation, etc.)

Improved thresholding accuracy

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Free radiological medical training in e-learning dedicated to COVID-19

In the current sanitary pandemia context, Deeplink Medical (Medical Software Publisher) has designed with its two partners, Imadis (Medical Teleradiology company) and Rise Up (Publisher of elearning platforms), an online radiological training kit on COVID-19. The e-learning training, accessible to healthcare professionals, includes an educational path with more than 30 clinical imaging cases. All those medical cases have been selected from more than 3,000 scanners managed by Imadis identified thanks to the dedicated  care pathway Covid-19 made available by Deeplink Medical since March 13, 2020.

Composed of 4 main parts, the Learning includes:

  • Background informations on COVID-19
  • Medical organisation knowledge to adopt in teleradiology
  • Clinical case studies designed by the IMADIS medical team
  • Presentation of a structured report for radiologists, covering all the points from this training

This training has generated a significative traction with  more than 1000 registrations in the first week of release of the e-Learning..

The training is available both in French and English on this link by clicking on the button below

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Regulatory & DICOM conformance

Myrian® Clinical Apps are developed in compliance with regulatory requirements
relating to medical device based on DICOM standards.

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