Myrian® Imaging Layer

Visualize, qualify, quantify, report, monitor. 

Myrian® features a multimodal platform and a full set of clinical modules for a streamlined user experience. 

All the tools for the analysis of MRI, CT, Conventional Radiology, Nuclear Imaging exams in a single place.

All you need for improved productivity and enhanced patient care.

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Myrian® MR clinical modules

Transforming the way MRI studies are handled.

All Myrian® analysis tools combined in a structured workflow.

  • Automated sequences sorting and display

  • Smart exam comparison

  • Multiparametric characterization

  • Optimized communications with clinicians through organ-based structured reports (ex: PI-RADS)

  • Unequalled ergonomics

Myrian® CT clinical modules

So much more than 3D liver exam visualization.

Measure liver volume and plan hepatic surgery in a couple of clicks.

  • Optimized segmentation engines and one-click identification of portal branches and vascular territories

  • Unmatched 3D visualization capabilities

  • Automated volumetry and surgery planning tools

  • Optional: TumorBoard application for multi-disciplinary meetings


Unleashes new capabilities for lung surgeons and physicians.

  • Lung pathology analysis and quantification
  • Automated segmentation and density analysis calculation
  • Lobectomy simulation and virtual bronchoscopy

When powerful visualization meets efficient analysis.

  • Streamlined vessel qualitative analysis and pathology characterization
  • Aneurysm and stenosis measurements and planning
  • Reporting and communication capabilities

Accurate and ergonomic virtual colonoscopy.

  • Automatic tissue and polyp segmentation 
  • Endoscopic navigation 
  • Facilitated communication through powerful reporting capabilities

Risk factor evaluation.

  • Biomarker used as a risk factor indicator in oncology, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, sleep apnea, metabolic disturbances and in bariatric surgery planning

Myrian® workflow-enhancer module

Efficient follow-up, optimized patient care.

The ultimate lesion tracking solution.

  • Multimodal display and analysis of exams

  • Automatic retrieval and registration of prior exams

  • Dedicated clinical workflow complying with international criteria including RECIST

  • Automated production of structured reports

Integrated third-tier Myrian® modules

The best of neurological diseases diagnosis and follow-up.

MR-based brain tumors, stroke, multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer's disease analysis.

Comprehensive cardiac MR exams analysis.

Visualization at the service of quantification.

  • Analysis of functional MRI, diffusion tensor and perfusion MR images

  • Image fusion and segmentation

  • Automated reporting

  • Quantification tools for the diagnosis and follow-up of cardiovascular diseases

  • Easy-to-use, reproducible and reliable measurement tools

  • Strong reporting tools

Regulatory & DICOM conformance

The entire Myrian® product line is based on DICOM standards in order to guarantee optimal interoperability with modalities, PACS, RIS and other information systems.

Intrasense DICOM conformance statement

Myrian® is registered as a medical device in more than 40 countries. It is in compliance with regulatory requirements in Europe, USA, Australia, Canada, China, Japan and Russia. Other registrations are under way.

Instructions for use

If you are an EU customer, click here to access Myrian® digital user manuals.

You may also request a hard copy of manuals.
To do so, send an email with your serial number (located under the tab System > Preferences) and full contact details for the delivery at

Customers from other regions should contact their local representative.





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