Myrian’s contributions in orthopedic and traumatological surgery

Myrian’s* contributions in orthopedic and traumatological surgery

Pr François BONNEL, Member of the French Society in Orthopedic and Traumatological Surgery, Member of the French College of Orthopedic Surgeons and Traumatologists

3D angular measurements of pelvic bones

The practice in orthopedic and traumatological surgery is based on the realization of joint prostheses and osteosynthesis equipment intended to be implanted in patients.

Their design was first based on manual biometric data and then radiologic data. with these data, the manufactured prostheses were submited to mechanical tests. Their implantation in humans has given for some interesting results and for others lesser results.

Currently progress with the use of new materials and innovative morphological concepts is leading to more favorable clinical outcomes. Digital technological advances openned a space of research and realization that is a field of progress that we must use to improve the fundamental knowledge of osteoarticular structures.

The digital tools proposed by Intrasense™ with Myrian® is intended to obtain three-dimensional biometric data that no medical software currently on the market can offer. The other objective is to automate the segmentation of bone structures with the possibility of instantly obtaining 3D multifactorial data and inertial moment. These data will be a complementary means of integration in the context of a robotization of the implantation of a prosthesis and 3D angular measurements ** of the osteoarticular complex. The universal digital tools at our disposal are the beginnings of a new era of diagnostic and therapeutic statics and dynamics with modeling of the behavior of bone structures and muscles. The accuracy of digital data is a key factor in the popularization of 3d printing for training of surgeons and creation of immeasurable data banks essential for innovation in orthopedics.

Myrian® is one of the indispensable elements used by the surgeon in his clinical practice.

*CE marked & FDA clearance
**L’impression 3D en orthopédie traumatologie : innovation, méthodologie et applications chirurgicales. Bonnel F., Toullec E. , Maestro M. ; CAOS France, , SOFCOT , 2018 (présentation orale).



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